Hello and welcome to http://www.EasyAwardTravel.com/. Currently this is a collection of reviews of First Class Award redemptions I’ve personally made, a forum to discuss various award travel offerings, and eventually a booking service to help people book award tickets.

The “In the Air” section of this site is where reviews of various first class service in the air is posted (i.e. The seat configurations, the planes themselves, the service in the air, etc). The “On the Ground” section of this site details various first class lounges and ground services.

The owners of this site are in no way affiliated with any airlines, hotels, or other products reviewed on this site. This site will never be sold, and is setup to serve the community – not make a profit through links, ads, referrals, or anything of that nature. We may in the future begin to offer a paid award booking service, on a per-ticket basis, but that will not impact the availability nor information currently on this site.

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